Friday, February 5, 2016

Social Stigma - accountability to be defined

  Upper House of the Indian parliament- Rajya Sabha, passed the juvenile bill without any amendments very late. It went to the President for the signature and became a law to enforcing the punishment to a juvenile committing crime (enlisted) at the age of 16 like an adult. The bill was the result of the Nirbhaya Case, happened in December 2012 in Delhi. Nirbhaya was abused brutally in a running bus by a gang. Among other culprits, a juvenile was also accused in the case. He was kept in Bal Sudhar grih for three years and on 20th of December 2015 released and kept under supervision of an NGO.
There was a strong rage from the different sections of the society against his released. It was a big question how a person who committed a crime which was similar of an adult can not be punished by the law? Why the government is not making a strong law against the crime happening with women in the country?
Many people along with Nirbhaya ’s parents agitated in-front of the jail, Women association in Delhi took the case to the Supreme Court. But all went in vain. The juvenile, who is now 21 years old was released by the court because there were no such laws to prevent him from his release.
After big drama, the opposition parties woke up and cooperated with government to pass the bill which was pending since long. Now the juvenile term will be applicable for below 16 years at the place of 18 years. 

If we try to figure out the root cause of the criminal personalities / children, there are many factors. The sexual assault may happen with both females and the males as well. By and large, girls are more vulnerable in this regard. More over, India being male dominated society in most parts of country, this problem is acute- victimizing the female. From the very early child hood, our parents are very careful to groom the behavior of the female child but the male kids are not fortunate enough to get the guidance and right direction of the parents and elders in the society at the right time. Most of the times, females are the center of the jokes among men’s group. They freely pass bad comments, sarcastic gesture and use vulgar language for the women/ girls. Some of them think that all girls and women are their property. Even elders stamp their approval readily saying that my child is becoming masculine on the bad behavior of the boys with an attitude reflecting.…  he is a boy and he can do it. The dare devils grow bolder and bolder and some of them become over daring to commit crimes.  

The exposure of the technology especially the internet facility is also playing crucial role in this regards. Smart phones are being used by some of the young adults to sharing the porn videos. It adds fuel to the criminal minded personalities. The rapid deterioration in the values from the societies augment them to commit crimes without thinking the repercussion and consequences further. 
On the other hand, the weak will power of the government and administration enforcing the law and the lack of fast trials in the judiciary on the convicts are encouraging the evil hearted men. Unfortunately, the very young girl children, even below five too are becoming the victims. The cruel and beast like behavior is inhumane and a blot on the face of great Indian culture and civilized society.  First police refuses to register such cases. If it does, the trials in the courts take long years for the judgment. After reprehensible cases, the comments from the political leaders and the people sitting on big posts multiply the affront of the female society. In general, the females are blamed for their dresses, places and timing to go.

Now, it is the high time to change the mind set of the parents and the society towards this issue. Females are not the commodities and the right of the male community. They are equally important contributing to the development in today’s world.

It is the duty of the parents to imbibe respectful attitude towards the women in the minds of the boys from the very early age. They should present examples from their own behaviors and conduct in this regard at the place of simply imparting instructions. At home, husbands and fathers, first give importance to the voice of the women of the family in decisions. Mall language against them are to be stopped. Blame game for wrong results are to be eliminated.
When a boy will experience a respectful environment around him, he will develop the same mind set. When he finds the same treatment and importance to his sister and other women in the family as he is receiving, he will learn automatically.

Let me talk the roles of the schools in this regards. Schools and the teachers are responsible for the negativity in the children up to some extent. Though the personality traits and basic temperament is by birth due to the role of the hormones presence in the individual, as per the psychology theory but the external factors too become responsible for the aggression in the children. Why do some children develop with arrogant assertiveness? What causes their irritating behavior? Actually, when we think seriously, we find that the type of their behavior display is the result of the behavior of their parents and teachers from the very early stage of   life. All children are not alike. Their talents and skills differ from each other. Some are very good at academics and some are not. Some academic excellent students are not at all good in co-curricular activities. But teachers’ parameters always favor the academic students.  Their poor performance may be due to language problem or cultural issues with the curriculum of pedagogy. But, at least 10% of students in all classes are being repeatedly insulted for not performing well in academics in front of their peer groups, parents and other teachers. Their repeatedly assault makes them thick skin and they stamp themselves failure. All negative and disrespectful activities start giving them pleasure. Without bothering of social norms they enjoy destruction and hateful behavior. Emotions care becomes rhetoric for them. They turn up in such a personality for whom ether is no meaning of character, values and ethics.
If a person has grown with the impression of fit for nothing, failure, scolding, insult, assault he will return the same to the other when he becomes powerful bodily.

Extreme negative people they come together as birds of the same feather flock together. Intensity of the ill actions brings all bad happening in the society like loitering here and there, theft, consuming drugs, alcohol, ill behavior with the women even rape cases etc.

Now, it is the matter of serious concern for the parents for not becoming false and over ambitious for their kids, teachers to handle the failure of slow achievers for not making them sensitive less, cruel hearted and dead emotional because the alluring  fighting scene and gun shoot scenes full of blood shed in the films and  news bulletins  containing  news threads on  terroristic activities add fuel to their mentality.  I recall one incident very clearly of my school. Once a boy of  III grade cut his both arms with blade at different places and showing the blood coming out it to other students of his class. I was reported the incident. When I saw him, I was shocked. A child of hardly eight years was not affected with his own pain. Rather he was feeling heroic at the moment. Immediately I sent the child to the hospital for the medication thinking to counsel him later. It compelled me to think …when a person can not feel his own pain how he will be considerate for other’s troubles. Instead he will derive more pleasure out of intense cruelty. He will not be touched on the pleading of the victims.
It may be the effect of the films, media, parents brought up or the treatments received from the educational institutions.
Today, it is the foremost responsibility of all of us to look into the matter for our own responsibilities for not producing heartless inconsiderate folks.  Let us together make our societies fear free zone for male – females both. A healthy mind set will assure a healthy society.

My earnest request to all the teaching fraternities to introspect the approach of the educational institutions in this regard.