Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Travel with a companion is a bliss...

Travel with a companion is a bliss  
Travelling is an opportunity to open one’s world. It has some purpose of its own. The more you travel, the more you are opening to the world. The pursuits of the travels add knowledge and first hand experiences in the cap of the travelers. The travel may be for personal reasons or for official purposes. It may be a pleasure trip or for fulfilling any task aiming to an objective. Eventually, in all, mobilizations of the person is obvious. Some people love to travel with a companion and other people prefer to travel alone. I love to travel with some companions. This is for various reasons.
First, it is said that one and one make eleven. To perform a long journey, we need tickets, eatables, map, time table of trains/ buses/aeroplane, hotel booking, vehicle for local movement etc. If two persons are travelling together, they can share the responsibilities between them. They keep a watch on the belongings of each other. Otherwise it may always have the threat of losing important things like documents or ticket etc.
Second, the information owing related to the place / city / country by the companions are helpful in collaboration. Concurring together the travel becomes easy and memorable one exploring the new experiences.  It is not only pertinent to personal travels, even for explorations of new territories of the globe. It is proved true. Magellan, the Spain expeditor, went to West Indies and South America to explore the topography with five ships. The courage, concur, collaborative efforts made them possible to prove that the earth is round without any precipices though many of them lost their lives due to hunger and illness.
Thirdly, traveling together in a group or   with a companion makes the people courageous.  Conquering the Everest for the first time would have not been possible; if the team would have not been involved in the brave target. The challenges of profound ice, snow storms, deep and dangerous valleys, steep cliffs were impossible to overcome.
Together, traveling invigorates the team members overcoming the fatigue or any health disorder.
Apparently, it ventures to the correct and more authentic documentation of the travels done together subsuming the experiences. Videography and clicking the camera will also have variety and comprehensive.

So, I prefer to travel with my companion or my team since it shares the experience, knowledge, responsibilities to make the trip easy and memorable one. Eventually, it gives strength and courage to open the world wide and ventures into personality development and leadership too.

Food preparation ..changed with time....

Nowadays food has become easier to prepare. Has the change improved the way people live? 
Of course the preparation of the food has become easier nowadays has enabled the people to meet the requirements of  the new life style. These days, the cooking  gadgets  available like microwave, ovens, mixture, grinders, food stations are very much useful to prepare the food in no time. At the same time the food materials like ‘ready to eat’ sold in the malls has also enables us to prepare the food fast and serve on the dining table in no times.
Food preparation recipes are also easily available (on the internet)  for different types of food or variety. It is evident that  it gives ample time to the house maker whether man or woman, to spend quality  time with the family and to devote for his or her professional work.
It’s evident that  today’s life is very fast. People have to render their services to their companies at different locations. For instance the meetings are to be held in the offices, supervisions are to be done at the work place or sites, attending the other group or team seminars etc. at any other locations. At the same time the travelling  to far off places also consumes a lot of time.
The parents have to attend their kids too. If one invests his big part of time for preparing food only, he cannot meet the requirements of his other assignments. 
The change in the life style demands to work at all fronts efficiently. Hence the food preparation easier and in less time provides the family quality time to get together to strengthened the bond and relationship.
The easier preparation of food does not mean that we should compromise with the quality or nutritive values of the food. It should always ensure the balance diet, otherwise junk food or imbalanced food will cause obesity or mall nutrition among the consumers.

In the end I conclude with the point of view that easy preparation of food has made the life easier and beautiful for both men & women.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Earth - Our Home...

We are the pride owner of the green planet – our earth. It is the habitat of human beings and other creatures. Abundantly,  creatures are living on this planet in harmony and dependent on each other following the system of  food chain.
Human beings are the best of all creatures blessed with wisdom. Eventually, he used his wisdom for both constructive and destructive activities. For constructive use of his wisdom, he has discovered many avenues to make the living on this earth productive. He has made buildings, shopping malls, theaters, auditorium, school, hospitals for his living smooth and created ponds, swimming pools, gardens, parks, amusement parks for his recreations. In one way all such types of development brought by the human being is for the beautification and making this earth to live in comfort.
But there is a big threat also being experienced by the scientists on the other hand. For the modern developments, the man is involved in the destructive activities mainly deforestation.  It is causing the imbalanced in the nature and the consequences are hazardous & alarming. Many species are endangered and have become instinct.
The human activities are creating  the pollution everywhere like on land, in water, in air, in sound and in space also. Unfortunately it is very challenging to combat with the pollution problems.
The human activities are responsible for the global warming too. The  hole in ozone is increasing  day by day threatening the cancer like disease due to UV rays.
The developments in the areas of mining, construction, cutting of the greeneries are bringing flood, draughts, earth quacks and other natural calamities frequently.
Wars are also a kind of blots for the human’s hatred activity.

Hence, it is obvious that if sustainable development is not thought of, we will be unable to handover the earth to our next generation as a better place to live. We should be thoughtful to use the resources of our mother earth in a sensible way to keep it exquisite and serene.

Parents are the best teachers ...

 Its very much true that our parents are the best teachers. It is said that the family is the first school for a child and the parents are the first teachers in life.
A child learns the lessons of citizenship between the lap of his mother and the kisses of his father.  He learns many traits of his personality naturally from the family environment. Caring and sharing , love, affection, sacrifice, patience, hardworking , honesty & altruistic - the humanitarian qualities and the patriotism are learnt from the members of the family and of course parents are the first members of the institution.
Eventually, If a child is imbibed with honesty and sincerity, he can achieve higher goals with the perseverance in his life. Otherwise, how many ample opportunities are provided to him, he cannot turn them into positive for his development and growth.
Honorable Abraham  Lincoln, the great American President was concretized with the qualities by his parents like hard working, sacrificing, turning the odds to win and consistency in the endeavor made him to serve the Nation for the highest post of the US.
It is the parents only who lay the strong foundation of the personality of a child in childhood which he carries throughout his life.
The teachers at later stage teach reading, writing, arithmetic for cognitive development. The higher education strengthens a person with the power of knowledge which is also very important in life to serve the globe. But if the power is not used constructively for the positive objectives, the knowledge will be hazardous. It proved during the world war II, when atom bombs were dropped on Hiroshima & Nagasaki in Japan.
The soft skills are naturally engraved in a child by the parents which are the soul of the learning to implement the knowledge to the benefit of the human beings.

Thus I conclude that the learnings happened in childhood and taught by the parents are always permanent and the best. So the parents should teach the child or create the environment of the family to the positive so that he should turn into a positive human being at the place of atrocities.   

Hard work never fails

  When we do hard work and immediate results are not visible we loose our patients and think that our invested time, sincerity & dedication turned in vain. But it is sure that your work is stored somewhere in your account for the better opportunity. At appropriate time it will appear unexpected. Long afterwords also it may turned into humongous gain. Lord Krishna preaching in Bhagwat Geeta dipicts the same doctrine of performing duty without wishing the results- Karmanye Vadhikarastu Ma phaleshu kadachan.
L W Longfellow's poem The Arrow & the Song expresses the same.
I shot an arrow into the air
It fell to earth I knew not where.
For, so swiftly it flew, the sight
Could not follow it with its flight

I breathed a song into the air
It fell to earth, I knew not where
For, who can have the sight so keen & strong
That it can follow the flight of a song

Long long afterwards, in an oak
I found the arrow still unbroken
And the song from the beginning to end
I found again in the heart of a friend.

So after many years also one can yield the fruits of hard work. It never ends fruitless.